CSR projects

We are a socially responsible company that prides itself on taking a consistent, professional and responsible approach to its partners, customers and the public, as well as its relationship to the environment.

We support and help

VINCI Foundation

Our group is part of the VINCI concern, one of whose projects is the VINCI Foundation, which was established in 2002 with the aim of building a connection between employees and residents, between the world of business and the world of cities, the countryside and the world of civil society.

The VINCI Foundation is continuing with this concept also in the Czech Republic. The founders of the VINCI Foundation in the Czech Republic, which was established in 2007, are subsidiaries of the concern. The foundation’s mission is to support projects that enable the social inclusion of our fellow citizens by providing employment, as well as to support projects aimed at preventing the possible social exclusion of young people. 

Look out!

Our key projects in the area of social responsibility include our partnership in the Look Out! project, which is sponsored by EUROVIA CS. 

This is a nationwide educational project of the Kolečko Foundation in the area of traffic safety. The project is focused primarily on children up to the age of ten at preschools, elementary schools and children’s homes. As a company that is active in the area of transport construction, we are very well aware of how necessary prevention is, especially among small children. We welcome similar activities and we are very pleased that we have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Kolečko Foundation and to become a proud partner of the Look Out! project. 

The basis of the Look Out! project is interactive skills trainings that teach children in an appropriate manner what they should pay attention to when on the sidewalk and on the road. The project is based on five basic rules of correct behaviour in traffic situations.

Look out!

Buckle up!

Be visible!

Help others!

Protect yourself!

We further support

The Czech Olympic Committee

We entered into a partnership with the Czech Olympic Committee in 2002. With the slogan “Champions Cheer On Champions”, we also became involved in the Youth Winter Olympic Games. 

Curling vozíčkářů

We also support the Czech wheelchair curling team in connection with the Czech Curling Association.
Wheelchair curling is a very demanding sport in terms of coordination, and it requires tremendous physical fitness and advanced strategic thinking. This combination of necessary qualities is akin to the professional concept of a construction company, which is why we decided to sponsor curling. 

Become a Santa. Diakonie ČCE

We have long been collaborating with Diakonie ČCE on, for example, the Christmas project Become a Santa and Conjure Up a Smile.

Thanks to this, we support children in difficult circumstances. Within Become a Santa and Conjure Up a Smile, we provide gifts under Christmas trees that children write about or draw pictures of in their letters to Santa. The project also includes the presentation of a cheque for an employee collection drive. 

House of St. Joseph in Žireč

We are not indifferent to the lot of people who are battling a debilitating illness. Therefore, we have been collaborating with and supporting the House of St. Joseph in Žireč since 2018. The House of St. Joseph is the only inpatient facility in the Czech Republic that provides comprehensive care for people with multiple sclerosis. 

We have assisted with structural modifications of the facility’s surroundings and the square, and organised a collection drive among our employees. At present, we have arranged continuing financial support, which will ensure the improvement of care for patients.